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Using marketing automation software, you may free up your time to work on more critical aspects of your digital marketing strategy. With the best marketing automation software, you may communicate with your users more personalized so that it still appears unique and natural. Automated email, messaging, and web marketing campaigns can be sent.

You may automate your marketing approach using the correct tools and software with the right automation features. Automating your routine duties can save you endless hours. Because all your marketing chores are automated, there is less room for human error, which frees up your time for more pressing concerns.

Building trust with your consumers and expanding your business can all be helped by automation. It also aids in the creation of reports, allowing you to see trends over time and improve the efficiency of your marketing efforts. Marketing automation software can save time if your marketing and sales personnel are trained.

Now that we’ve established that let’s look at the top marketing automation tools for expanding your company.

1. GetResponse

Every business relies heavily on repeat business from existing customers to generate revenue. Because acquiring a new customer is more expensive than keeping an existing one, the higher your reorder rate, the more successful your business will be.

Keep your customers interested in your brand with the help of a reliable email marketing service like GetResponse.

This program reduces the requirement for design with its industry-based template collection, making it easier for those without design abilities to create email marketing templates. Once created, A/B testing may be performed on email and landing page designs, and autoresponder emails can be configured to keep your leads interested.

Marketing Automation Tools
Top 5 Marketing Automation Tools to Increase Lead Conversion

2. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is one of the most widely used tools for social media marketing automation today. Over 35 social media sites are supported by Hootsuite, making it easy to automate your social media strategy.

In addition, this is more than just a tool for scheduling posts regularly. It’s also possible to identify and manage more materials for sharing on social media, keep tabs on your social metrics, and keep tabs on issues relevant to your company.

3. Pardot

Businesses that sell to other businesses have a unique set of marketing issues as a B2B company. A marketing automation technology explicitly made for this task is therefore required.

Pardot’s mission is to assist B2B firms in cultivating and monetizing their customer relationships. You get a set of tools specifically built for this task, allowing you to handle a prolonged purchasing process and complex pipelines.

The world’s most popular CRM, Salesforce, is the foundation of this excellent marketing automation software.

4. Marketo

Several marketing automation tools are available for every expanding organization with Marketo Engage by Adobe. Lead nurturing, and scoring are just some of your capabilities with this robust marketing automation platform.

The sophisticated features offered by Marketo include mobile engagement, web retargeting, and content personalization, to name a few. Companies of any size can use Marketo, but it is best suited for larger organizations.

5. iContact

iContact is a simple-to-use software tool that has made marketing easier. iContact specializes in email marketing that doesn’t necessitate the use of HTML code at all. The in-built editor makes it easy to create emails for sales promotion by simply dragging and dropping relevant material into the editor. iContact includes a variety of ready-to-use templates that only need to be rearranged. To use this software, you must divide your contact list into groups and set it up to automatically send emails.

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