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People want to have their little slice of the trending occupational pie that is digital marketing. However, it isn’t that simple – digital marketing is a varied field and branches off into various types. This is why we are going to get into some of the different types of digital marketing that are widely known.

Search Engine Marketing

You want to have your website at the top of your business’s search results, goods and services, and other key terms. It encompasses both paid and unpaid search, as well as desktop and mobile devices, as well as natural search and pay-per-click.

Search engine optimization entails producing material that users are looking for and ensuring that both the platforms on which it is hosted and the content itself are technically optimized.

Paid search advertising, or pay per click, is what you see at the top of the page in the small box labeled “Ad.” A high placement can be purchased through an auction depending on demographics, location, and keywords; this is particularly helpful for local companies and e-commerce.

Mobile Marketing

Mobile marketing overlaps with many other types of marketing and is almost as diverse as digital marketing. It includes executing all the normal PC tasks, along with mobile-specific tasks, including in-app advertising, text messaging, and social messaging services. It’s particularly essential if you’re trying to reach a younger demographic who is always glued to their phones.

On the phone, however, you have a really limited creative space to work with, mobile advertisements have a low click-through rate, and most apps are downloaded just once before being abandoned.

different types of digital marketing
The different types of digital marketing

Content Marketing

Rather than broadcasting an advertisement, content marketing produces and shares information—text, images, and multimedia—that creates value for your consumers. When it comes to business-to-consumer (B2C) marketing, the content might refer to social media postings, blog articles, and entertaining videos; when it comes to B2B (business-to-business) marketing, it may refer to additional white papers or research, webinars, and instructional films.

One of its benefits is that it’s free in the perspective that it focuses on drawing people to you and your company rather than spending money to advertise to a receptive audience. Content is also very adaptable and can assist you in developing your brand while educating, entertaining, and motivating your audience.

It powers all other forms of digital marketing, including email, social media, and search engine optimization. But now that everyone is recognizing the value of content and producing lots of blog posts, videos, and other content, the market is extremely crowded, making it difficult to differentiate yourself.

Social Media Marketing

Social media brings a new level of engagement and involvement relative to other media channels like television, print, and perhaps even online display advertising. You may engage with your clientele and receive feedback rather than just blasting messages to a large audience.

Numerous channels and choices are available, ranging from free to paid options. However, while occasionally posting on social media may seem easy, doing it well and consistently requires a clear plan and much more work than you might realize.

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